PetroART provides the R&D services


PetroART provides the R&D services via conducting research and collaboration with academia and other research and consultancy offices worldwide. PetroART act as a platform to bridge the gap between academia and fields’ needs through sharing the research exertion and tapping on the know-how of collaborators in the field of specialty. In addition, PetroART plans to have cost-effective solutions and faster diffusion of technology by involvement in joint industry projects, where several oil companies, research institutes and suppliers industries are involved in the same research.

Petro ART is in collaboration with King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, KFUPM, to provide research for fields’ needs by conduction research work utilizing the Research institute, RI, to carryout laboratory experiment and have student and professors in research projects.

PetroART intends to engage in technology development and innovations to translate research outcome into a product that was brought about to serve the business needs and in favor of more efficient, cost effective and environmentally conscious technologies and methods

PetroART intended to conduct research in clean and renewable energy to fulfill long-term strategies of energy needs and utilize readily available natural resources.


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